Day 9 Hill End

After such a warm day yesterday the sun refused to come out today. It was freezing but after my morning jog I went back out along the jogging path to take some shots. Part way along the camera ran out of batteries! I stoked the potbelly up in the studio and painted all day as the ran eventually came down. My trip to the pub delayed till tomorrow. I am working on the woodducks shroud and its bringing back all those memories of dad taking a baby woodduck from its mum and dad when I was a girl just because I wanted one! And I raised it like a mum and it followed me around like its mum. The work is becoming very cathartic as I miss dad (he would love being here with me in Hill End drawing all these lovely leafless trees!) and miss being a mum (my own fault of course). I think about how I am getting old, but also how this means the loss of dearly beloved family and friends (something I didn’t really have to deal with in my youth aside from my Hungarian grandfather). Creating works for me always seems to be about sadness but at least my mural (which I worked on in the evening by the loungeroom fire) is bright and happy (although I can hear dad’s voice giving me feedback!) His spirit is with me I am sure of that. I have been crying alot…


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