2nd Spring shroud set

It was a very windy cold day for summer and we arrived at the farm to see Steven and Tony. We had the trailer as we had decided to pack up the installation with the idea of setting it up on top of Tumbarumba Mountain. A long time ago we bought shares in the land to save it from logging so it is original forest with large gums. I intend to include more plant matter on these next sets over summer.

The second spring set was exquisite. It had been left for 6 weeks in storms and wind and the colourful birds had melted with their feathers neatly placed. I would have liked to have sewn them on, but it would have to be done on site as they would fall apart, another reason for Tumbarumba as it is a great camping spot to spend time. We could set up a processing area too using eucalyptus and having a line undercover so I do not have to process on my washing line at home. If there was a small shed installed I could have bodies drying out inside too.
One of the possum pairs had been stained a beautiful yellow from the tree and I imagined a lot more staining in a eucalyptus forest.