Setting up a 2nd Spring set

Dad and I found a king parrot in perfect condition down the coast and he wrapped it for me like it was being stored for taxidermy to keep the feathers neat. My new friend Francis gave me a rosella and a crested pigeon found in Canberra and the other Canberran animals were 4 possums, sadly some big males looking for love, and 3 magpies which I find regularly.

Collection and processing the first spring shrouds

Tepi, Adam and I visited Tony on the farm and encountered the ewe, lambs and echidna post-decomposition. the ewe was still full of maggots, but we removed it anyway and Adam used the steel rake to drag the putrid body away from the shroud site. It was a very smelly visit, and Tepi complained of the smell. Adam and I persisted in the heat and wind, it was very hard work.We left the ewe shroud to dry out and at home I processed the 3 lambs and the echidna in vinegar.