Big Mob Namarnkol and Kegebbe

Went fishing at Merganella a namarnkol (barramundi) breeding area with bininj and my new friend photographer Matt. Fellow Injalak workers Kristy and Mark also came. We sped out on wild dirt roads until reaching the lagoon crossing teeming with djenj. The catch was huge using lures and Matt caught kegebbe (file snake) by hand. The traditional biting off of the head did not occur to our disappointment. We then drove to the coast, fellow Injalak worker Ngalwakadj’s mothers kunbolk and found paradise. Cooking up our catch on the fire, the kegebbe sizzling with fat, we opened her up and she was full of wilark (eggs). We boiled them and plucked them off to eat like grapes. Soft shelled and full of yoke, they were a delicacy. We collected dollobbo on the way home. Everything needed to eat and make (bim) painting found in the bush.