PhD Induction

The induction presentations as part of Research Fest today were very informative. Alot of advice on supervision, research management, conferences, publishing and networking. We were told to write thoughts down each morning before reading (or practical efforts) to become habitual about it as writing is the most difficult part. This writing could be in the form of small papers or exploratory essays. In addition keep an interactive plan from the beginning that evolves into a chapter outline. Read critically and always write down responses (follow practical work with evaluations too).

goodbye possum, hello kangaroo

Unfortunately the possum was taken by a hungry predator, probably a fox who dragged it out from under the wire.
But ranger Murray was there to provide me with another recent car fatality, a lovely female kangaroo. I had canvas just the right size, and he placed her on the canvas suggesting black plastic and wire over her. Adam helped me by covering her with a very secure plastic and wire covering. We hope she will not be disturbed. I will leave her two weeks before my first inspection. The male kangaroo shroud I created on the about page was left uncovered for a month. But as you can see below, his head had already been partially eaten.


poetic science

Isaac Newton opticks 1704-“Between the parts of opake and clour’d bodies are many Spaces, either empty or replenish’d with Mediums of other Densities…in whose interstitial zones slender Arcs of Colours shaped almost like the Conchoid grow, violet, blue, which. bended more and more about the transparent spot are completed into Circles or Rings.”