Duruk Djang kunbolk (Dog Dreaming Country)

I now feed 3-4 dogs, they come with the house. Suitable really in dog dreaming country. A film of the dog dreaming featuring Balang the president of Injalak was being edited when I arrived. An earlier film was narrated by T.O. Jacob Nayinggul. The Rock you see featured in the doco is held up by three thin legs which translate as the female dog or ngalduruk who had a broken leg.

I was invited to one of the sites by a T.O. who I call kakkak (grandmother). It is a beautiful waterfall called Mandjaworlbidji in Mangerrdji. I make two trips there on the heavily flooded dirt track. I took my immediate kin family first, mostly daluk who I call karrang (mum) rdarda (younger sisters) and dje dje (our kids), then take kakkak’s family, many who I call berluh (auntie) or ngadjadj (uncle). We fish, first kicking the small bait fish called yow out of the shallows onto the sand to pick up. Using handlines djenj (fish) are caught quickly and flicked out of the water onto the shore. Shallow fires are made and the bordoh (small bream) are cooked in the coals without gutting. There are lots of Garlerrk (log tom) in the water and dje dje plays with one as it dies, so I draw it. He took it home in the car still playing with it, this garlerrk.

Traditionally, bigger djenj like namarngorl (barramundi) are buried in coals after wrapping in paperbark and some organs are eaten, we used the paperbark for plates and salt was always added to the flesh which was very tasty.

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