Doppelganger (Summer Starfish & Leather Jacket 2019) 2023

Saturday the 29th April I applied the last dashes of delek to this sea shroud from a 2019 Worrowing set. The painting can join to the large school of mullet shroud in the marine relics jigsaw. It replaces the leather jacket painting sold to museum director Diana Lorenz in the 2016 joint exhibition with Sally Simpson at the Maritime Museum (Sally also hosted the original marine relic shroud set on her property in Womboin). I allow my shroud sets (exhibited as jigsaws) to interact with each other, communicating over time. I am currently working on marine shrouds from a 2019 shroud set, adding them to the 2016 jigsaw.

Doppelganger (Summer Starfish & Leather Jacket 2019) 2023. Delek, oil, bitumen, silk thread, rabbit skin glue, starfish, and leather jacket on canvas. 44 x 61 cm $536.

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