Hill End Residency

This year I have scored a residency at Hill End around 5 hours away. I am staying in Haefliger’s cottage for 4 weeks. The former residence of painters Paul Haefliger and Jean Bellette the house is full of their books and pictures, etc. indicative of mid last century (Australia’s Modern period) that they left behind. In addition this history there is the 19th century Victorian era building and all its accompaniments indicative of the gold mining heyday in Hill End which saw the town develop and swell to include 28 pubs! Now there is one pub standing, the old Royal Hotel which has WIFI (hence it be my present location). Lunchtime is the best time to be here (more people) as nighttime is cold and deserted (residents cosy by their fires!). Have begun a photo journey (been here settling in since Sunday afternoon when Darren and I set up a shroud). On Monday I set up the sun-drenched studio (while Darren roamed the hills) and completed a portion of one of the wetland paintings for Sanctuary Point. Darren got the potbelly going in there so once the sun left it was still warm and I happily painted till bedtime. Today we have had brekky on the sunny front porch before wandering off into the hills exploring mine shafts and the remnants of a town now overgrown with Aussie Bush. It is something I have always dreamed, to see the bush reclaim a town. We then got a coffee at the local corner store run by a lovely fella of English origins and after walking to the museum for a look ended up here at the pub for chips and beer!


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