See Change School Holiday Lantern workshop

Brad and Steve at the Men’s Shed helped me organise and run a lantern making and decorating workshop to encourage children to attend the See of Light lantern parade on for See Change 2016. Ladies from the Holiday care program worked with me to engage children in three activities: Organic cane lantern in a moon like shape, painting a readymade lantern with fabric paint, and bamboo box lanterns. It was a lively time with 23 primary school children of all ages involved in all types of problem solving and expressive activities like stripping bamboo poles, and cutting and joining materials with masking tape into 3D shapes. Covering shapes with baking paper was particularly daunting at times, while the fabric painting was pure painterly joy for all the kids, especially those who had first go at the paint tubes! The adult operated glue guns for a few tricky bits proved to be absorbing for the high energy roamers eager to experience new things. PHEW! Can’t wait for the next one in which children are painting 8″x8″ entries for the ‘Spaces, Places and Faces’ See Change competition. We may also have time to design some See Change festival posters for another competition.

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