Autumn 2011 shroud set

I soaked the terribly rancid echidna shroud for weeks in vinegar. After one month of decomposition Adam and I visited the animals we had set up in autumn. As the weather was colder decay had slowed down so we decided to leave them for another month before collection. I also processed the echidna shroud further by boiling it in eucalyptus leaves. It is the darkest shroud yet.

After 2 months Adam and I took Zephyr and Tepi out to the farm so they could run free. We had a lovely discussion with Steven about our animal art practices and PhD research then collected the shrouds. At home we processed them in vinegar, and one, the possum, in eucalyptus leaves. After removing the fox body we left the shroud at the farm so the maggots and ooze would dry. I have also placed a starling Tepi found at the farm that day on this shroud to decompose.

2 thoughts on “Autumn 2011 shroud set

  1. Hi Ness,
    Congratulations on Waterhouse win – well done and well deserved love what you are doing with the shrouds. Both David and I have work in the Waterhouse this year – David in the works on paper and i have one in the sculpture. Darby sends his regards to Zephyr – hope all is well have been flicking through your photos this morning and you all look brimming with good health – the canberra move looks like a great decision – as was ours back to queensland. Fantastic win for you best wishes to all ronnie


  2. thanks ronnie,
    great to hear from you and glad queensland was a good move (wish i was in a warmer place!) I was absorbed by both your works in the exhibition but didn’t click it was you! the win has been a wonderful reward for alot of hard (but wonderful) work devoted full-time to my arts practice, which I hope can sustain me following the ANU scholarship currently supporting me.


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