Autumn shroud set

We had a wonderful morning hosting Kim Salmon and Dave Brown (Candlesnuffer) for breakfast before heading out to Steven and Tony’s farm. There was a chill in the air and we had a big mob of dead this time. A fox, possum, flying fox, white cockatoo, and two magpies all road carnage to put to rest on decomposition beds under the eucalyptus tree. Adam did the hard work as I became overseer and documented proceedings.

We also collected the Echidna, I had left too long. Mold had formed and the thick black ooze had hardened the canvas. I was unsure as to its final outcome. It would need washing off a long soak in vinegar and complete drying out, a hard task as winter encroached. Tepi played with Blondie who was very interested in the freshly defrosting bodies, a sweet possum was particularly enticing.

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