Visitors from home

My father Tibor, mother Maree and sister Ange came to visit. I set them up in the house with birndu (mozzie) nets. Mum and Ange climbed Injalak Hill and Dad and I sat with the artists, many of whom I know now. My favourite painter still being Graham Badari who I call kakkali (eligible partner) although the daluk in my family of the same skin as me often call him kanjok as he is not their actual spouse using kakkali when humbugging him. I love Glen Namundja’s work too of course, but he is my skin brother meaning I should avoid communication. All the artists have distinct styles and capabilities with several emerging or mid career painters exhibiting in the cities and entering the Telstra, an important prize for indigenous artists.

Although we went on a Yellow water cruise viewing a spectacular array of bird life and large kinga, the highlight of the visit for my dad was a very short but successful fishing trip at the crossing with karrang (mum). Within the hour had caught two fish which looked a bit like namarngol, but were called Narrgarl.

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