The world famous sacred sites on Anangu country

Uluru and Kata Tjuta, so many people visit these rock formations but how many people speak to Anangu locals or choose a cultural tour rather than the climb. I’d say almost everyone ignores the large sign requested by traditional owners to abstain from the climb. We met Valerie Brumby a Pitjantjatjara speaker and her Japanese interpreter on a cultural tour. A comprehensive explanation of a rock art site on Uluru preceded being shown the signs of action snake creation ancestors left before freezing to form enormous sections of the rock.

Animal Encounters

Red Kangaroos, giant red ochre grasshoppers, birds of prey especially wedge tailed eagles, wild brumby, emus, desert lizards, dingoes, camels, lots of orb weavers and so many birds and insects I’ve never seen before. Central Australia has had so much rain recently its really lush! All the animals are healthy and rivers and creeks are flowing for the first time in years.