Wallace Rockhole, finally in Aranda (Arrente) country

May 1st, 2010  |  Published in field research, inspirations

I found a caravan park in a small Aranda community in the spectacular Macdonnell Ranges NP. It is near Hermannsburg, famous due to Namatjira and contemporary pottery. Wallace Rockhole CP and its art centre have been run for over 30 years by Ken and other members of the community such as a cool young Aranda man called Brian who showed us bush medicine plants, rock engravings and ochre. We talked to Brian and Ken about the Intervention, there are no alcohol or pornography signs in every community, as though everyone is an alcoholic or sexual deviant, which is obviously false and extremely shameful for people in the community. The income management creates so many dramas due to the voucher card system, that many people have moved interstate. Met a lady called Gladys who was painting her honey ant dreaming and lots of food plants. I loved her sister’s paintings and bought one, such a talented artist, and she had moved to Victoria to escape the intervention. A beautiful community, my kids did not want to leave. We were the only people in the caravan park.

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