Kunwardde bim recording refresher

June 21st, 2010  |  Published in field research, inspirations

Have visited rock art sites on Injalak a few times and located various mayh (food animals) depicted, some in sites not recorded systematically before. Sally May, the archaeologist now from ANU who introduced me to Injalak Hill last year came for a week with 4 archaeology students including her assistant Meg Travers. It was great as I consulted with Sally as to sites not recorded (most) and watched them record one. It would be easier if I had at least one other person helping me (ideally a team of 3) as an IFRAO scale should be included in the shot and systematic descriptive notes taken. Although it is not a requirement that I make archaeological recordings for my dissertation and it requires more time and effort, I would like to contribute to the efforts of archaeologists like Sally, there is so much unrecorded kunwardde bim in Australia washing away and fading each year.

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