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Kangaroo/Stingray/Lorikeet Shroud collection

June 11th, 2015  |  Published in field research, practice  |  Leave a comment

Darren and I drove the ute to the shroud site, but once I removed the body of the kangaroo, the smell was diabolical! I spent most of my time running away from the stench so I could take another deep breath and hold it while trying to put the rancid canvas in a vinegar tub. I didn’t have enough vinegar needing another 40 litres. The stingray was much easier to deal with and the print was perfect.

The lorikeet’s colourful feathers are so beautiful, but the print on paper needed to be exposed to the elements more so the feathers could be defined. Darren enjoyed taking photos of my disgusted expressions and flights to escape the cloud of doom!

To see all the images taken (there are more funny ones of me running away and making disgusted faces see

Newspaper article and the finished Eliza mural

June 10th, 2015  |  Published in practice  |  Leave a comment

Today my interview with reporter Jo was published in the South Coast Register. I also spent time finding a local source for bulk vinegar in preparation for tomorrow’s shroud processing. In the studio I have been obsessively painting the colourful shells that were made into traditional Yuin necklaces by Julie Freeman, which I bought from the Galamban exhibition at CMAG a few years ago.

Shroud Site visit, Studio work and Eliza’s Mural Project

June 5th, 2015  |  Published in field research, practice, teaching  |  Leave a comment

Yewande and I walked to the shroud site yesterday and saw the stingray very dried and the kangaroo losing fur now and internal liquids. In the studio I have been stitching canvas soaked in eucalyptus and wattle leaves to the back of the woodducks shroud to fill the holes in the body stain. I have also been working in ochre on ‘Nebachudanezar making a Cloud (after Boyd)’. Today I began working on the Woollamia Rosella shroud using oils and find the fumes a shock after using ochres. Yesterday I also began a mural project with local school student Eliza. The design and painting method were all her idea and its looking good!

After Boyd

June 1st, 2015  |  Published in inspirations, practice  |  Leave a comment

The Following works reference original works by Boyd in title and/or composition.
The personal significance is in relation to my son Zephyr Nebachudanezzar born on the Shoalhaven river when Adam and I lived in a farmhouse across the river from Bundanon.