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Dad’s taxidermy egret

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Its my birthday and dad is delicately gutting an egret.

a week later he stuffs the egret.

Tomerong Public School Mural

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The talented year 5 and 6 students of Tomerong public school have been creating an amazing four panel mural. The theme is local tall trees crowded with local animals and birds.
Here are some pics.

Pirate and the Wood ducks

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Yesterday I took dad to meet Pirate at his house. His front yard was filled with the most precious and diabolical bones, including whale, dolphin and other large sea mammals, other animal parts such as snake skin and green turtle shells and magnificent hunks of wood. Most bones and wood had intricate images of Aboriginal men and women or sacred animals etched or burnt into them. Dad loved meeting Pirate. They are similar, both with one eye and an obsession with animals and the practice of taxidermy in all its forms. Pirate’s practice includes decomposition in order to retrieve bones so we are looking for a suitable place to collaborate. He presented us with gifts. He gave dad a cattle egret and I was given two wood ducks! Sacred to my childhood, dad had given me a baby wood duck I had hand-raised. I took the ducks to a clearing under a tree in Woollamia to decompose. Darren helped me.

Dad’s Crow

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I found a crow on the road just past Tarago after presenting at the ‘Where are We? Visual Cultures of Placemaking in a Precarious Age‘ conference curated by Melinda Hinkson at the ANU. I had presented about dad and his taxidermy and family history and he had been asking for a crow. When I saw it, a rare find, I knew he was for dad. Dad the taltos or Hungarian Shaman. He took the guts out of the crow yesterday.

Graduation Ceremony

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I graduated from ANU with my PhD in the visual arts on the 20th December 2013.

On Species and AAANZ inter-discipline conferences

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Coming up in Melbourne next week are conferences at the University of Melbourne which I am looking forward to. AAANZ inter-discipline and On Species

The Outsider

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H.P. Lovecraft’s chilling poem

Ursula Frederick

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A colleague in the School of Art, Ursula is a trained archaeologist and her papers linking graffiti and rock art are published here.

Kate Clark

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Fellow ANU animal studies colleague Rhiannon Galla is about to interview animal artists working in New York, one of whom is Kate Clark
She sent me a link to an interview with the artist in her studio.