Marine Relics Exhibition

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Tepi and I visited the Jervis Bay Maritime museum to see the installed works by Sally Simpson and I during See Change


Marine Relics

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I am installing my works at the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum today and I have made it a little challenging by creating a jigsaw. The works must be joined and then hung as one piece making it a 3 person job.


See Change School Holiday Lantern workshop

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Brad and Steve at the Men’s Shed helped me organise and run a lantern making and decorating workshop to encourage children to attend the See of Light lantern parade on for See Change 2016. Ladies from the Holiday care program worked with me to engage children in three activities: Organic cane lantern in a moon like shape, painting a readymade lantern with fabric paint, and bamboo box lanterns. It was a lively time with 23 primary school children of all ages involved in all types of problem solving and expressive activities like stripping bamboo poles, and cutting and joining materials with masking tape into 3D shapes. Covering shapes with baking paper was particularly daunting at times, while the fabric painting was pure painterly joy for all the kids, especially those who had first go at the paint tubes! The adult operated glue guns for a few tricky bits proved to be absorbing for the high energy roamers eager to experience new things. PHEW! Can’t wait for the next one in which children are painting 8″x8″ entries for the ‘Spaces, Places and Faces’ See Change competition. We may also have time to design some See Change festival posters for another competition.

Womboin Marine Relic Shroud Project

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Today I drove the old Ford Falcon ute out to Sally’s place in Womboin to collect the fish and stingray shrouds on my lonesome. It was hot work and I was annoyed by the shadows created on the dried husks by the sun when documenting the process. Luckily clouds drifted in and I took some photos without the shadows. The mullet were still quite wet and smelly underneath but the stains were nice and rich. It was really difficult lifting the bedframes into the back of the ute on my own, and I had to leave the largest one there it was a two person job. I placed the husks in a crate for Sally to investigate for possible sculptural materials. I then drove on to Canberra to Adam’s place and gave the shrouds a vinegar bath. I then hung them out to dry in preparation for taking to Emma at ANU painting workshop for stretching tomorrow.


Womboin Shrouds

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Last Sunday Darren and I drove to Sally and Dave’s house to set up the marine relic shroud installation. It was very hot work. Summer has extended into Autumn thus far. It didn’t take long for the mullet to leak and the stingray and catfish were already part rotten when I collected them so it was smelly work as the sun beat down and flies of all sizes began to swarm. The dog also broke out of the yard in excitement at the smell of pungent sea life so far inland. It was lovely to catch up with Sally in her wonderful home as she worked diligently weaving detritus together in her kitchen full of wonderful art and collected pieces.

South Nowra Shrouds

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Today Darren and I went to Pirate’s house and he took us to a property in South Nowra where we set up the shroud installation in a former pig house. The mother and baby possum were hit by a car on the road where I live and the swallow was waiting for me to find him at the door of the shop on the first day back at work after dad passed away. It was sprinkling at the site but the sun came out for just enough time to set up. The rain returned as we drove away.

Woollamia shrouds completed

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Ghost and the Shell received a highly commended at the annual Jervis Bay and Basin Arts members show ‘Emergence’

dad’s siteworks taxidermy installation

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Today Jade and I carried out dad’s plan for his taxidermy exhibition.
It has been a big effort beginning with finding a tree to match dad’s drawing. On the morning after dad passed away, Darren picked me up at dawn in the garbage truck taking me to Hyams Beach to see the sunrise over the ocean, and there was a dead ghost gum with perfect branches for dad’s tree! He then picked up in Wreck Bay where we said goodmorning to a couple of friends before picking up in Jervis Bay Village and Erowal Bay where we saw an old family friend who gave his condolences about dad. I felt a wonderful sense of community support.

After the week of mourning where days and nights were full of our close-knit family coming together to organise the most beautiful and perfect goodbye to our wonderful dad and nagypapa, Jade, Adam and I went and obtained the tree. It was in a very difficult to reach place but the men found success. Back in dad’s courtyard Jade built a stand for the tree and we selected the birds to place on the branches. Then came today where we woke early to pack all the taxidermy into boxes to place in the van and ute. I traveled to Booderee to collect the seaeagle and echidna while returning the fairy penguin dad had fixed for the info centre just before he passed away. The staff were touched by this and a friend came there and gave me a cuddle. The sea eagle only just fit in the ute due to the wingspan! Once home and packed Jade and I drove in convoy the hour to Bundanon and installed Barbay’s Nature Display at Riversdale. the supportive Bundanon staff were very happy with our work.
Siteworks is on this Saturday the 26th.

Gallery Envelope

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Dad and I have an exhibition at Gallery Envelope, a pop-up gallery in Nowra.
Once I installed the show I showed dad photos and he was very happy and excited.

My father has also been invited to exhibit his taxidermy at Bundanon for siteworks this year as the theme is the feral amongst us. Although he does not have many feral animals, he will be showing mainly native animals.


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For a subject in my secondary teaching degree I am required to create a body of work about an object in the Chifley Home Museum in Bathurst. I have decided to include the digital diary movies that I will be making throughout the project and the final works on my blog.